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Axle_hpsnprAdmin app

 Your Real Name : Václav
 Your In-game Name : Axle_hpsnpr
 Age : 30
 Where are you from? Czech republic
 Why do you want to be an admin? I play sometimes on your server and there seems to be a lot of cheaters...
 Average time spend on server every day? it depends... not that much... 1 hour max
 Do you know Server Rules? yes
 Have you joined our Discord Server? yes
 Tell us about yourself : I am calm, mature and fair person... and I used ti be an admin on your previous server "1shot1kill"
 How did you find us? through the server list
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Hi Axle_hpsnpr , thank you for your patience on processing you application.

Your Admin application has been APPROVED

# closed
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