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CODAMAdmin Application

Your Real Name : Abdullah
Your In-game Name : ^2CODAM
Age : 22
Where are you from? Egypt.
Why do you want to be an admin? Due to lack of active admins on the server, cheaters run rampant day and night. I am only interested in banning them.
Average time spend on server every day? (in hours) 2-6 hours (spread throughout the day).
Do you know Server Rules? Yes.
Have you joined our Discord Server? Yes, Username: Abdo#9539.
Tell us about yourself : A noob playing CoD 1 for 4 years (on and off). When I play seriously, harbor's ground becomes wet (from all the crying).  
How did you find us? Your server has the website link, which led me here.
Thanks given by:

Hello CODAM ,

Thank you for the application.

We really appreciate that people wanna help us to secure our server.

# We decided to accept your application.
Thanks given by: CODAM

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