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ThooRCoDaM FixWeaponBugs Plugin by Max Gaming


    CoDaM FixWeaponBugs Plugin by Max Gaming

This CoDaM Plugin fixes all weapon bugs of CoD 1.1 :

The use of the command weapon gets prohibited to disable "Weapon 32 Bug"
It adjusts the reload times of weapons to fix Fast-Reload.
Fast-Fire, Fast-Switch & Fast-Nade gets regulated by a warn & punish system

How-To :

1. Move "___CoDaM_FixWeaponBugs.pk3" to the main folder.

2. Register the plugin inside cod/main/codam/modlist.gsc

[[ register ]]( "FixWeaponBugs", codam\FixWeaponBugs::main );

3. Add the following cvars to your server.cfg

//Fix Weapon Bugs

set scr_fixW32 "1"    //Fix Weapon 32 Bug
set scr_fixFF "1"    //Anti Fast-Fire / Fast-Switch


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