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Please read carefully before submitting a report :

Please spectate the player thoroughly before submitting a report.
You may report: Wallhack, Aimbot, Namefake, FF, Weapon 32, Spam.
An Admin will come to the server, so only report LIVE sightings.
Please be quiet on the server, don't tell around that you called an admin.
Abusing the reporting system will result in a ban.


To make it clear, because some people still don't get it, ONLY submit a report if you are 100% sure that the suspect is cheating. We do not accept a "maybe wh" or any other vague assumptions. SPECTATE the suspect thoroughly and only then submit a report. The reporting system is here to help the people. Intentionally submitted untrue reports will result in a permanent ban on our servers so please respect the rules and only report when it's really necessary.
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