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ThooR[How to] Apply for Admin

Compulsory statements :

Your Real Name :
Your In-game Name :
Age :
Where are you from?
Why do you want to be an admin?
Average time spend on server every day? (in hours)
Do you know Server Rules?
Have you joined our Discord Server?
Tell us about yourself :
How did you find us?

As a rule only those applicants will be be admitted, who reached the minimum age 18! Please keep in mind: Exceptions prove the rule.

Please create a new topic for it HERE
For this you need to register. This is possible HERE
Please be sure to fill out the information in your profile.

After you've sent your application, it will be discussed by the members and the management.
Towards any inquiry you'll be notified about the decision with an explanation in this portal.
In the case of an positive answer, you'll taken on to the moderate phase (trial period).

Good luck with your application!
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